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249 Waverley Road, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149

Advanced & Routine Surgery

  • Experienced Surgeons, with advanced training in Small Animal Surgery
  • Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery, Including Cruciate Injuries and Fracture Repair
  • Comprehensive Soft Tissue Surgery, Airway Surgery, Bladder, Stomach/Intestine & Lumps

Our Experienced Surgeons and our state of the art surgical facilities allow us to perform an extensive range of Advanced & Routine Surgeries at our Hospital.

We have a great relationship with Dr Ralph Webster, Registered Veterinary Specialist in Surgery, who regularly attends our hospital to perform advanced surgical procedures, meaning your pet can get the very best in Surgical Skills at the clinic that they normally attend, helping to reduce stress.

To see some case studies of Advanced Surgeries performed at our Hospital, click here.

For more information on Cruciate Injuries in dogs, and on the procedures, we offer at the Waverley Animal Hospital, click here.

Routine Surgery
  • Dedicated, State of the Art Surgical Facilities
  • Desexing – Male and Female, Young and Old, Big and Small
  • Dental Treatment – Routine Care, Advanced Dental Disease Care, Including Latest Digital Dental X-Rays, and Atraumatic Extraction Technology

With our purpose built surgical facilities and our highly trained vets and nursing staff, you can be sure your pets will be getting the best possible care with surgery at the Waverley Animal Hospital.

Our Experienced Surgeons perform desexing on pets young and old, big and small. From a 70kg Great Dane to a 1kg Rabbit; Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and other pocket pets, we can care for them all!

You can be sure pet will benefit from the best anesthetics and medication, including pain relief, that are available in the Veterinary industry.

With our Dedicated Dental Base, we can perform Routine Dental care (the same as human dentists provide) to clean away built-up tartar from your pet’s teeth, right up to caring for pets with the advanced dental disease, requiring removal of painful or damaged teeth.

We also now offer Digital Dental X-Rays for all pets having Dental Procedures, at a fraction of a cost compared to human dentists! This allows us to diagnose diseases that can cause your pet pain, that can not be seen from routine examination of the mouth.