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249 Waverley Road, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149

What We Offer

At the Waverley Animal Hospital, we have the facilities and the know-how to provide you and your pet with a comprehensive range of services including Routine General Health Care, Preventative

Health Care, and Complex Surgical and Medical Cases.

No lump is too big or small, no scratch is too itchy, no leg is too limpy for us to care! If you are worried about it, or your pet is worried about it, then we are here to help!

Our small group of experienced vets can help you make the decisions you need to make your pet better.

Check out our full range of services below!


As part of every consultation your pet is weighed & receives a full examination. Problems detected during the examination and any concerns that you may have are discussed, and a treatment plan is made.

Please telephone for an appointment 03 9807 9222

House Calls

We provide housecalls so if you can’t come to us, we can come to you!

House calls are available in the middle of the day on weekdays, please call the clinic to check availability.


During your vaccination consultation your pet is weighed & receives a full examination. Problems or concerns are discussed. The vaccine is injected under the skin on the back of the neck and is generally well-tolerated.


Desexing is a day surgery, and involves a general anaesthetic. On the morning of surgery, your pet is admitted into the hospital by the nurse and receives a pre-anaesthetic check-up from the vet prior to admistration of a premedicant drug. Pain relief is administered prior to surgery. Female animals have both the ovaries and uterus removed: male animals have both testicles removed.

Once fully recovered from the anaesthetic, you pet is discharged from hospital – usually some time after 2pm. A revisit to the hospital is necessary 10 days after surgery to have the stitches removed.