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Lillies in Cats

Not many people know that Lillies are INCREDIBLY toxic for cats. BUT THEY ARE!

Every year, we get at least 1 cat who gets very sick from getting access to a lilly.

Why are Lillies Toxic?

There is a compound in Lillies, that when ingested, gets into the blood, then gets absorbed by the kidneys, and causes damage to kidney cells.

This causes what is known as an ACUTE KIDNEY FAILURE.

What are the signs of Lilly Toxicity in Cats?

Cats with Acute Kidney Failure are really sick cats…

They usually stop eating, may start vomiting, and are very lethargic.

They may also have very painful abdomens, because their kidneys can get very large and swollen.

Can it be treated?

There is no antidote for the Lilly Toxin for the kidneys. Our only treatment is supportive.

So we start them on intravenous fluids to try and help to improve the blood flow to the kidneys, sometimes we need to give them medications to try and help to make the kidneys produce urine.

We also use pain relief, anti nausea medications, and sometimes antacid medications as well.

What’s the Prognosis?

This is hard one…

If we can start treatment early enough, and if the amount of toxin absorbed by the kidney hasn’t been too much, AND if there has not been too much extensive damage to microscopic structure of the kidneys, the prognosis can be okay.

But it can be a pretty rocky few days, with the first 24 hours critical.

Crickey, that’s heavy… Is there any part of the Lily that is not toxic?


It’s all bad…

Leaves, Petals, Stems, but especially the Stamen (the thing in the flower that the pollen sits on) and the Pollen, are chock full of whatever the substance is that can kill your cat.

Take home message…

If you have cats in your house, you should not have Lillies ANYWHERE NEAR THEM.

Thanks your Aunty Flo for the flowers, and when she’s not looking, chuck them straight in the Green Waste bin.
If you are buying flowers for someone with cats, DO NOT BUY THEM LILLIES, otherwise they may end up in the Green Bin, or possibly causing Kidney Failure in their cat!

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