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New Treatment for Itchy Problems

Have you got an itchy dog that is driving you nuts?

During the warmer months, we see dogs that scratch nearly every day. Fleas, warm weather and exposure to environmental allergens can cause itchiness or pruritus in vet speak.

Traditionally, cortisone tablets, sprays and creams were used to reduce inflammation and manage the itch. Most of these treatments needed to be given daily or every other day.

Cytopoint on the other hand is a simple injection that can be given by your vet. Say good bye to rubbing creams and sneaking tablets into food!

How does it work? Cytopoint is an injection containing antibodies that attach to cytokines (substances that signal other cells in the immune system) that trigger the itch pathway. These antibodies are metabolised naturally by the body in a pathway that does not involve the liver or kidneys. As these antibodies are specific for the cytokines, it does not suppress other parts of the immune system unlike cortisone.  Another benefit of Cytopoint is that it can be used in dogs under 1 year old.

Each injection is given according to the dog’s weight and lasts 4-8 weeks.

If you want relief from and for your itchy scratchy dog this year, make an appointment with your vet to see if Cytopoint is right for your pet!