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School Holiday Fun for Kids and Dogs

Dr Ashley Lim, Associate Veterinarian

Looking for some fun activities for your Non-Furred and Furred Children these school holidays?

Check out Dr Ashley’s awesome ideas!

Blowing bubbles1. Blowing bubbles! Get your kids to blow some bubbles for your dog or cat to chase/swipe/catch.

Activity - Dog Parks

2. Explore a new dog park. Take your kids and dogs to a park they’ve never been to before.

There is a dog park in Knoxfield that is completely enclosed so you can keep your kids and dogs away from the road

Activity - hide and seek
3. Hide and seek. Get your children to hide somewhere in house while your dog waits in another room. Get them to call your dog and let him search for them.

Activity - find a treat

4. Find the treat! Get your kids to scatter or hide dry food in the yard or a room while your dog or cat is not looking. Then let them loose to forage for their meal.

Remember to always supervise your children around pets and have fun these holidays! Contact us to find out more and check us out on Facebook!