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HELP! My Pet is having a SEIZURE!

Dr Robbie Anderton

Finding your pet having a seizure can be a terrifying experience (especially for kids – I had 2 dogs that had seizures when I was young).

When your pet is having a seizure, it can be hard to know what to do, and when, so here are some easy and practical tips on what to do.


  • Panicking will not change anything


  • Move things away from your pet that may hurt them – like tables, toys, or if they are on your bed or on your couch, move them carefully onto the floor by wrapping them in a large towel or blanket
  • Swallowing Tongue – Your pet wont swallow it’s tongue, but you will get bitten trying to pull it out of their mouth – DON’T PUT YOUR HAND IN THE MOUTH!


  • Once your pet is out of harms way, go find your keys, wallet/purse, and phone.
  • This will take 30-60 seconds (or up to 5 minutes if you’re like me and trying to find them!)
  •  If they have finished their seizure, you know it has been SHORT DURATION
  • Then call the clinic (03) 98079222


  • If the seizure is still going, call the clinic, and let us know you are on your way
  •  Call your neighbours or a friend to come look after your kids
  • If the seizure finishes now, you know it has been MODERATE DURATION


  • If the seizure is still going, grab a big blanket or towel, and wrap them up, especially around their head – mainly to stop you being accidentally bitten.
  • Put them into the boot, not the seat next to you or in the foot well – too hard to get them out (or on someones lap is ok too)
  • Get them into your car, and start driving to the clinic
  • BE SAFE DRIVING – Keep a calm head

In the vast majority of cases, your pet will have stopped the seizure in the first 3 steps, but if not, you are ready to take action and get them to the clinic so we can treat them to stop the seizure.

In a future Blog, I’ll cover the causes of seizures.

If you have any questions, give us a call!

Dr Robbie Anderton BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine)