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Beat the Heat!

Dr Robbie Anderton | Vet

Want some great tips to help your pets in the heat?

A hot (and sweaty!) Dr Robbie posted a Live Facebook video with some ways to help!

– Keep them inside and keep them cool

Freezing treats – Use an Old Ice cube tray, put in some liver treats or dry food, fill with water, then put into the freezer!
– Once they are Frozen, check a couple of them into a food bowl, and viola, Treats on the rocks!

Water Bowls – Make sure water bowls can’t be knocked over, have extra ones, and make sure they are in the shade
– Pop one in the freezer overnight and leave it out so the water will stay cool for longer

Wet Towels – Lay down wet down on tiles or concrete to help to take the heat out them, or your pet like to lie on them anyway.

Wet Your Pets – If they are getting hot, wet their arm pits and tummies with water, and put in front of a fan.

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